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Here’s lookin at you Onion:

This is a quick post on a fake product I thought up a while ago:


Is it getting harder to do that third kegstand at the frat party? Do you find that the thirtieth Keystone Light isn’t going down as smooth as it used to?

You could be suffering from the medical condition called “Low-Bro”! It affects millions of Americans a year and most don’t even know it.

Don’t let this condition effect your life in a negative way. There is a solution. Talk to your doctor about Brogaine and don’t let “Low-Bro” keep you from chanting “chug, chug, chug” until someone throws up.

It’s your life, live it.

How to share the roads?

I will preface this by saying I am a cyclist and a car owner.  I suppose this gives me a greater insight into the tension I see everyday between cyclists and drivers.

I learned how to drive on the east coast in Massachusetts where cyclists were few and far between on the shoulders of the roads (bike lanes are catching on).  I never really had to check my rearview and side mirrors for a car and a cyclist, just a car.  Now I am in Boulder, Colorado and there are cyclists everywhere.  From those in bike lane to those keeping up  with traffic, they are something to be aware of at all times.

What I wanted to bring up today is this: what can cyclists and drivers do to share the road in the safest way? Here is what I found out from Boulder’s Bicyclists Rights and Responsibilities Page:

“Obey all regulatory signs and traffic lights
Just ‘cause you lost your training wheels, you don’t rule the road. Your bike is considered a vehicle, just like a car, and you must obey traffic laws…  Stop completely at lights and stop signs.

Enter crosswalks at pedestrian speed.

Lighten Up: Use a headlight mounted to your handlebars at night. Equip your bike with rear and side reflectors. It’s the law.

Use hand signals.

As a driver I cannot plead more for EVERY CYCLIST riding at night to have some  form of  light.  It scares me (as a cyclist and driver) to be constantly looking for a person who will not show up unless my headlights are on them.

That is careless and disrespectful.

Now there is no driver’s responsibilities page but I think it would include:

  1. Stop COMPLETELY before the crosswalk when taking a right hand turn.
  2. Give an open car doors length when passing (especially on residential streets).

Now I have to ask for your help.  Is there anything that should be added to the list?


Hi!  I am Jeff Meyer, as you may have guessed by the address bar, and this my first shot at blogging.

Since your time is valuable I will  post the about me from my StumbleUpon account:

I love food, music and reading. In the winter I snowboard and the other three seasons it’s mountain and road biking, basketball and . I enjoy philosophy, politics, and sports as well as crossword puzzles and NPR. I am addicted to the Red Sox, Pats, Celts and fantasy baseball as much as I am addicted to NPR and music.  I am recent grad of CU Boulder, as a Philosophy major.

I will entertain you from here on out with musings about the world, agree or disagree please comment!